$10K for 10 Special Olympics Athletes
Dedicated to sharing the positive impact credit unions have on people and their communities.
TopLine’s Winter Gear Drive Benefits Local Communities
Dedicated to sharing the positive impact credit unions have on people and their communities.
Jeans Program, Revel for a Cause Makes Substantial Donation
Dedicated to sharing the positive impact credit unions have on people and their communities.
Going Red for the American Heart Association
Dedicated to sharing the positive impact credit unions have on people and their communities.
Environmental Stewardship - Tree Planting
Dedicated to sharing the positive impact credit unions have on people and their communities.


At CU Social Good, we are proud to share the “good news” stories of credit unions and credit union people being involved in their communities - helping charities, volunteering their time, promoting financial literacy, providing scholarships, and supporting people and planet over profit.  This is the one and only website that aggregates these stories and provides a platform to help generate a new public awareness that will promote credit unions in our mission for years to come.  

We have multiple sponsorship opportunities for companies and organizations that are also interested in supporting these efforts. We have credit unions from all 50 states in the U.S. as well as credit unions in Canada that are regular contributors, and your sponsorship will be seen by many of your current and potential business partners. For more information,  please contact:


Thank you to the following partners we're proud to have join us in sharing the good news: 

The Minnesota Credit Union Network is the state trade association for Minnesota’s credit unions. The Network, working in conjunction with the Credit Union National Association (CUNA), works to ensure the success, growth and vitality of our member credit unions by creating a positive public environment through leadership, political advocacy, education, awareness and regulatory assistance.
The Heartland Credit Union Association (HCUA) is dedicated to supporting credit unions of all sizes from all regions. Through advocacy, compliance, professional development and consumer awareness, HCUA strives to create an environment where credit unions can thrive.
The Tennessee Credit Union League was formed in 1934 as a 501 (c) (6) non-profit trade association for Tennessee credit unions. It is the mission of the League to promote and support the success and advancement of credit unions in Tennessee in meeting their service and structural goals.
The Wisconsin Credit Union League is the dues-supported trade association for Wisconsin's credit unions – not-for-profit financial institutions that are cooperatively owned by their more than 3 million members. With offices in Madison and Pewaukee, The League is dedicated to serving Wisconsin's credit unions and promoting the credit union difference through advocacy, education and public service. The League also assists consumers, the media, legislators and others who want more information about credit unions.
LSC's purpose is to help credit unions compete and to provide credit unions with a favorable operating environment and quality information, products and services, which have value, and which enable credit unions to exist, compete and prosper in the financial marketplace.
The Mississippi Credit Union Association (MSCUA) is the state trade association for 77 credit unions in Mississippi that have more than 600,000 member-owners. The Association connects credit unions and their professionals and volunteers with peers, legislators and consumers through activities that include: advocacy, compliance, education/training, consulting/planning, information, collaboration & strategic partnerships.
Based in Helena, Montana, Montana’s Credit Unions exists to promote and enhance a thriving credit union community. The Montana Credit Union League provides dues-supported services that protect, advocate, and inform. The League Service Group provides quality business services for Montana’s credit unions. Montana Credit Unions for Community Development implements programs through credit unions that improve the social and economic well being of Montanans.
Dakota Credit Union Association (DCUA) represents credit unions in North Dakota and South Dakota. Our mission is to help credit unions succeed. Our vision is to be the premier, financially strong, relevant, inclusive organization that plays a key role in credit unions growing membership, strengthening their charter and providing service excellence to members. CUAD is the creator of CUSG and we're proud to share and partner with other leagues for this imitative.
The Nebraska Credit Union League is a not-for-profit, trade association that represents the interest of Nebraska’s state and federally chartered credit unions and their nearly 425,000 members. The League was organized in 1934, and more than 70 years later, continues to focus on helping their member credit unions succeed.
The Association of Vermont Credit Unions is a non-profit corporation that provides credit unions throughout the state with a variety of trade association services. The Association promotes the credit union movement and a favorable public attitude toward credit unions; to their members they provide legislative advocacy, regulatory and compliance assistance, training and staff development opportunities, networking, and business support services.
The Maine Credit Union League is a nonprofit, professional trade association that exists to serve Maine’s credit unions. Founded in 1938, the League is committed to helping credit unions succeed, and improve the financial lives of their members.
The Illinois Credit Union League (ICUL) is the primary trade association for credit unions in Illinois. This league works for one reason only: to help credit unions succeed by working together. They provide Advocacy, Information, Legislative Support, Education and Compliance resources and a vast network of additional resources to help credit unions succeed. The other major partner of the Illinois Credit Union System is the ICUL Service Corporation (LSC), providing products and services that help credit unions compete by meeting the demands of current and prospective members.
AACUL is a voluntary membership association for credit union leagues which are members of the Credit Union National Association. The purpose of AACUL is to assist in the development of its member organizations and to advise and recommend to management and policy makers within the credit union movement regarding the formulation and implementation of policy


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