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Dedicated to sharing the positive impact credit unions have on people and their communities.

Hanscom FCU Provides Accounting of Major Gifts Granted in 2021

Hanscom AFB, MA (November 12, 2021) – Hanscom FCU Charitable Foundation provided an accounting of major gifts granted in 2021 at its ninth annual meeting on October 25, 2021. The foundation, founded in 2012, provides resources, primarily financial, to worthy charitable causes.

“The foundation’s focus is on providing donations, marshaling both human and financial resources, and providing assistance where we can do the great things for the community,” said Paul Marotta, the foundation’s chairman. “We seek to create synergy by combining the foundation’s objective with supporting members’ mutual interest in social welfare and betterment of quality of life that captures the true spirit of ‘people helping people.’”

Marotta noted that the non-profit 501(c)(3) organization distributes all proceeds to charity and provided details of the foundation’s extensive philanthropic support in 2021 that included:

  • A new program, Twelve Acts of Community Kindness, which gives three charitable organizations each quarter an unrestricted $1,000 donation. Organizations are nominated and voted upon by the foundation across three areas of focus including service area, funding area, and select employee groups/other. One organization is selected per focus area per quarter. The foundation has given $1,000 donations to seven organizations in 2021: Minute Man Senior Services, deCordova Sculpture Park/Trustees of the Reservation, MA Military Heroes Fund, Dog Tag Bakery/Dog Tag Fellows Program, the Jennifer Kane Charitable Trust, Shriner’s Hospital, and Friends of the Beverly Public Library.

  • Continuation of a $750,000 five-year non-binding commitment to support the Home Base Program. The commitment ensures clinical care and funding for research that supports veterans and their families experiencing post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injuries. In the second year of this commitment, the foundation anticipates donating $150,000 in 2021, including a recent $25,000 sponsorship of Run to Home Base.

  • Continued support of Boston Children’s Hospital in post-pandemic times. The foundation held a cash raffle fundraiser to support Team Hanscom’s long-time Boston Marathon charity runner, board member Ray Phillips, and raised over $36,000 to help fund research being conducted at Boston Children’s Hospital for pediatric neurological diseases and conditions.

  • Raising over $35,000 including contributions from Hanscom Federal Credit Union through raffles and fundraising for its ongoing support of the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless.

  • A donation of over $3,000 for the American Cancer Society’s virtual Relay for Life, where volunteers walked over 2,500 miles during this year’s week-long event.

  • A $20,000 donation to Crossroads, an organization that offers leadership, college preparation, and career development resources for economically disadvantaged youth throughout eastern Massachusetts.

  • Additional donations, including a $5,000 donation to the Discover Museum’s Military Appreciation Program, $6,000 to the National Credit Union Foundation, and $10,000 to Veteran’s Legal Aid.

  • The successful hosting of the Alan M. Hart Memorial Charity Golf Classic in September, which raised $150,000 for Home Base.

Marotta concluded the 2021 meeting by addressing the attending members directly and thanking them for their continued support over the years. “As supporting members, you play an important role by lending talent and services that can help the foundation achieve the mission of providing funding and assistance that make a lasting impact in our local nonprofit community. Your help is critical to helping Hanscom Federal Credit Union Charitable Foundation bring together new donors and new dollars each year, offering additional and non-traditional resources to our community.”

About Hanscom FCU Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Hanscom FCU Charitable Foundation, Inc. is an independent, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that provides major support to a variety of educational, community, and military endeavors. They include but are not limited to programs that promote the health, education, and well-­being of children, fight against life-threatening diseases, combat homelessness, and provide assistance to veterans. The Foundation, the charitable arm of Hanscom Federal Credit Union, distributes 100% of the proceeds received, with nothing deducted for administrative expenses.



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