CU Social Good Amplifies Credit Union Give Back

A Megaphone for Credit Unions with the Launch of the New CU Social Good

May 17, 2024

We are here to solve the annual $18 billion problem impacting nonprofit organizations: donation fees.

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In today's digital age, your credit union's ability to share its community impact stories is more important than ever. At NetGiver, we understand the vital role that credit unions play in building stronger, more vibrant communities across the nation. That's why we're excited to introduce the newly updated, a platform designed specifically to empower your credit union to take charge of your narrative and amplify the incredible work you do. Since 2013, CU Social Good has been a beacon for credit unions, showcasing their dedication to community improvement and charitable efforts. As DakCU President Jeff Olson says, “We, credit unions, are the ones in the communities, helping them get better, helping charities, helping people. Not because we have to, but because it is who we are.” Recognizing the power of these stories, CU Social Good has partnered with NetGiver to bring a new and improved platform that makes storytelling easier and more impactful than ever.

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A Megaphone for Credit Unions
Credit unions across the country now have a robust platform at their disposal to showcase their impactful work in local communities. Today marks the launch of the completely redesigned CU Social Good, a collaborative platform for storytelling and data collection, powered by NetGiver, the charitable giving CUSO. This platform strengthens the credit union movement by capturing, amplifying, and analyzing the stories of credit unions making a difference in their neighborhoods.
Data-Driven Advocacy
CU Social Good goes beyond heartwarming anecdotes. The revamped platform can be seamlessly integrated with other data collection systems such as NetGiver to allow credit unions to track and quantify their community investments. This combined approach provides a compelling narrative supported by hard numbers, strengthening credit unions' position in legislative and public advocacy efforts. Data is essential for credit unions to effectively demonstrate their value proposition.
“In an increasingly competitive financial landscape, data is essential for credit unions to demonstrate their value proposition effectively. This data-driven approach strengthens credit union positioning in legislative and public advocacy efforts, ensuring their voice is heard and their unique contributions stand out amongst the clamor of neobanks, fintechs, and large financial institutions”
Miriam Ackerman, Co-founder at NetGiver
Get ready for amplified good.
A Collaborative Hub
The new CU Social Good fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing within the credit union community. Credit unions can easily submit their stories, access resources on best practices for community engagement, and connect with other institutions driving positive change. The platform’s intuitive features, such as story templates, photo galleries, video submissions, and the quantifiable data Impact Map, make it easier than ever to share your credit union's impactful stories.
“NetGiver stands by the belief that Credit unions are the unsung heroes of countless communities, and they have the opportunity to stand head and shoulders above other financial institutions simply by using GiveBack as a business differentiator. CUsocialGood is a powerful tool for credit unions to step into the spotlight and share their inspiring stories, all while providing valuable data that showcases the undeniable positive impact they create.”
 Eric Berg, President and CEO of NetGiver
CU Social Good is more than just a website; it's a tool that amplifies your community impact and showcases the incredible work being done across the nation. NetGiver invites all credit unions and leagues to join the CU Social Good movement. Together, credit unions can harness the power of CU Social Good to showcase the transformative role they play in building stronger, more vibrant communities.
About NetGiver
Powered by Credit Unions, NetGiver is the only no-fee charitable giving platform that doesn't hold, play with or restrict donations. Sponsored by values-aligned organizations, donors are able to easily give charitably at no cost to them or to the nonprofit. NetGiver champions the credit union movement through initiatives like CU Social Good and the Imagine the Difference podcast.
Quantifying the Good
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