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Dedicated to sharing the positive impact credit unions have on people and their communities.

PSECU Supports Earl Day with Bank Green Initiative

Harrisburg, PA (April 1, 2021) – In support of Earth Day on April 22, Pennsylvania’s anytime, anywhere digital credit union, PSECU, today launched a Bank Green initiative to encourage its members to take advantage of its environmentally friendly digital tools and services in an effort to contribute to environmental sustainability efforts.

“At PSECU, we’re proud of our digital-first model. Our suite of digital banking tools and services allows our more than 475,000 members to conveniently and securely manage their money anytime, anywhere,” explained PSECU President and CEO George Rudolph. “And, while providing a positive member experience is at the core of who we are, our forward-thinking model is designed with even more in mind. That ‘more’ is environmental sustainability.”

Through its Bank Green imitative, the state’s largest credit union emphasizes five of its digital tools, designed for convenience, security, and environmental benefit, that its members can take advantage of in the days leading up to Earth Day and anytime going forward:

  • Digital Banking
    Managing your money 24/7 from wherever you are is quick and easy with PSECU’s online and mobile platforms, together referred to as digital banking. Online banking allows members to log into their PSECU accounts from a web browser on a laptop or desktop computer, while our mobile app provides members with the best on-the-go experience, using a phone or tablet. Digital banking isn’t just convenient and secure, it’s also better for the planet because eliminating unnecessary trips to make financial transactions results in fewer pollutants in the air.

  • Bill Payer

PSECU’s bill payer service allows members to pay for expenses like their utilities, mortgage, gym memberships, and more, using a secure interface. Once bill payer is set up in the member’s PSECU account, it takes the money needed to pay specified bills from their checking account and sends it to the designated service provider. In many instances, this service helps eliminate the use of stamps, checks, and envelopes for bill payments, saving the member money, while also reducing their use of paper products.

  • Mobile Deposit

While paper checks aren’t as common as they once were, PSECU’s mobile deposit feature makes it easier than ever for members to deposit checks anytime, anywhere using the PSECU Mobile app. In just a few simple steps, including taking a photo of the front and back of the check, deposits can be made directly into members’ accounts. Short car trips to the ATM or service center to deposit checks are eliminated with this feature, resulting in a reduced environmental footprint.

  • e-Statements

Switching to e-Statements is a way for PSECU members to both go green and maintain financial account security. By opting in to receive e-Statements, members forego receiving paper statements for their PSECU accounts and instead receive an email notification when their digital statements are available in online banking. Printed statements require significant paper resources each year, leading to a negative environmental impact. e-Statements reduce this reliance on paper and contain all the same account information as a traditional paper statement without the risk of it being compromised or delayed in the mail. To switch to e-Statements, members can simply log into online banking and click My Money, e-Statements, then Switch.

  • Direct Deposit

PSECU members still receiving a paper paycheck can minimize paper usage by switching to direct deposit, which eliminates the need for their employer to print paper (and sometimes mail) paychecks. It also allows the member easy access to their funds without more of those quick trips to the ATM or service center. Additionally, using PSECU for direct deposit needs gives the member an opportunity to streamline their money management efforts when paired with the credit union’s aforementioned bill payer service.

“Cost and time-savings, 24/7 access to your finances, and environmental friendliness all wrapped into one make banking green with PSECU a convenient, secure, and sustainable choice for your money management needs,” said PSECU Chief Member Experience Officer Barb Bowker. “Sign up for digital banking today, or log into your PSECU account to add these digital tools.”

In addition to its modern and environmentally friendly digital-first banking model, PSECU offers an array of other time- and money-saving member benefits, like debit and credit card cash rewards, financial education resources, ATM rebates*, and free credit score service**, just to name a few.  

“If you’re not a member yet, visit to learn more about the many benefits we offer, and join us today,” Rudolph added. “Together, we can bank green to help our environment!”

*If a member uses their PSECU debit card at an out-of-network ATM and gets charged, PSECU will rebate fees on withdrawals up to $20 per month with direct deposit, and up to $8 per month without.

**PSECU is not a credit reporting agency. Members must have PSECU checking or a PSECU loan to be eligible for this service. Joint owners are not eligible.

Opened in 1934, PSECU was founded by 22 ordinary people who pooled $90 and made an extraordinary commitment to each other: To create a financial institution where collective resources benefit all members. Today, PSECU continues that legacy as Pennsylvania’s largest credit union, managing $7.5 billion in assets and offering its more than 480,000 members convenient anytime, anywhere digital banking options. For more information about PSECU, visit View its Year In Review to learn how PSECU contributes to the greater good.


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